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Marian face

Marian O,
Strategic Business Analyst

This is the only Business Analysis course that has helped me to level up my game. It is practical, applicable and straight to the point.

Dolapo face

Dolapo O,
Data Scientist/Business Analyst

As the lines between data sciences and business analysis has started to blur, I have found myself involved in doing a lot of requirement related work. I needed a course or tool that I could rely on to help me get up to speed and while there are many training providers out there, BA Playbook was the course I could truly rely on. It has given me the confidence to hit the ground running. A wise investment with great returns. I highly recommend

Cathy face

This is a great online course, worth every penny. I use this course as a daily reference point in my job. From Novice to Expert in less than one month, that is my story, all because of this course. It is the best BA couse I have enrolled in so far, best of all, it is accessible any where. The coaches are also veyr helpful; I leave each session feeling really confident.

Cathy Z,
Snr. Business Analyst

Frank face

Frank I,
Business Analyst

Business Analysis Mastery (BAM) is the most rewarding program I have experienced in my career. The BAM program takes you by the hand and teaches you step-by-step how to confidently deliver a successful project as a Business Analyst. With the help of Toyin Aromire and the team, my resume was rewritten in a standard business analyst format without any lies or exaggeration. Within two weeks of joining, I had over six interviews, resulting in two solid offers. I reached the 2nd and the 3rd rounds of these interviews, which resulted in two solid offers. The playbook is my favourite; the course videos make the learning fun and straight to the point, and the knowledge needed to carry out a successful project as a BA confidently, and when you implement the techniques taught in the workshops, you’ll be the most sought-after BA.

Tobi face

Tobi O,
Senior Business Analyst

The more the BA training market becomes saturated, the more confusing it gets for students to decide which one to register for. I learned about Toyin’s Business Analysis Mastery program through a colleague with whom I had attended a previous BA training. My dissatisfaction with the previous training made me sceptical to join any other training, but I took a chance. Months later, after landing a well-paying BA job, I can confidently say that was the best decision. Toyin’s training is built on a well-outlined structure and sequence that allows the learner to easily connect the millions of dots in Business Analysis and know how to progress from one procedure to another. This is a training I will, without any question, recommend to anyone looking to get a good grasp of Business Analysis. And beyond the content, Toyin is a great teacher. Good content + a great teacher = Learner’s success.

Ibiyemi face

Business Analysis Mastery gave me a tremendous transformation experience in my career as a Business Analyst, from being a complete novice to becoming almost a pro in such a short period of time. 

I will like to say a big thank you to Mr Toyin Aromire for the unique role he played in my development, which I will always cherish and be grateful for. Thanks a million for your patience and for instilling the right skills, confidence and exposure to perform my role as a BA and beyond.

Ibi A,
Business Analyst

Olu-Williams face

William O
Snr. Business Analyst

Business Analysis Mastery is by far the best for a reason. The experience was, in a word, magical. The teaching style is the best I have ever experienced. Money well spent, and my confidence level and knowledge is very high. Highly recommended to anyone willing to change career or up-skilled your Business Analysis career.

Dola Face

Dola A 
Business Analyst

Training at Business Analysis Mastery has made a huge impact in developing and improving my Business Analysis skills. I feel so glad to have done the BA training at the Business Analysis Mastery. I landed a BA role within 3 months… if feels surreal! Coming from a strong legal background with well over a decade in the legal sector, I felt the need for a career change (a story for another day) ☺️

Ola Suberu face

Ola S
Business Analyst

Wow! I never knew there were still selfless people around. This changed my thoughts on humanity forever. I paid over £5k doing BA courses in 3 different companies with so many promises, but your course gave me all I needed, and the contents of your training helped me to land my first proper BA role; I Wish I found that earlier. You are arguably the best BA Trainer in the world. One of a kind! I am grateful.

Dami face

Dami F
Business Analyst

The course is really insightful, and really practical. Make sure you get it

Patrick face

Business Analyst

The BA Playbook is real master piece. Wonderfully laid out and easy to follow. I particularly like the fact that, there are templates to help anyone hit the ground running. I would very highly recommend, truly amazing!!!

Sope face

Adesope A
Business Analyst/Snr Admin

The biggest benefit from the BA Playbook is the in-depth knowledge of the business analysis processes and expected outcomes, and the level of interfacing with the playbook;  it's surreal and gets you into character, giving the ultimate experiential feel. 


Although I haven't studied with other trainers,  I've however relied on other materials such as the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK).  The BABOK is theoretical,  while the BA Playbook is more interactive, using elements that represent real-life scenarios.


The playbook has a feel; it's the textual version of a virtual reality sequence of business analysis.  It pulls you in,  deepens your interest and ultimately gives you a set of guidelines to use in any business analysis scenario. It's a must-have if you want to learn the entire stride from basic to advanced business analysis, and I highly recommend the course.

Tete face

Tete B
Business Analyst/Service Designer

I had always imagined that the BA career path was one for those with an IT/Computing background, so up until recently, I had never thought about it, seeing as I come from a pure Arts background.

Meeting Toyin and joining the BA Mastery Community changed everything for me! My previously limiting thoughts were completely dispelled once I enrolled on the Business Analysis course and started to take in the wealth of knowledge that was laid out on a platter for me.

Four months after beginning the course, despite my slower start due to life, work and family pressures, I am elated to say that I have now transitioned fully into my career as a Business Analyst, currently working on an exciting contract opportunity.

I have since become a sounding gong for the BA Mastery community, telling everyone who will listen about it and how much the course has changed my life.

Thank you, Toyin, and thank you, BA Mastery Community.

David face

David N 
Business Analyst

My BA journey was a challenging one until a friend introduced me to Business Analysis.
Mastery (BAM). I must confess that BAM is a wonderful platform where you learn the practical and theoretical aspects of Business Analysis. During my interviews,
Toyin was fully involved and very supportive. My first role as a BA was in the Fintech sector,
I did not know anything about Payment, but Toyin was still there to support me, hold my hand
and encourage me. The platform is full of knowledge, and The BA Playbook is a real masterpiece. I
can confidently say that Business Analysis Mastery (BAM)is the best and is the place to be.

Tim Birch face

Tim B
Finance Business Analyst

Switching from accounting to finance business analysis was seamless, thanks to the Business Analysis Mastery program. It's practical training, and personalized mentorship equipped me with the necessary skills and confidence, making it an invaluable experience for my career transition.

For anyone looking to change their career into business analysis, I wholeheartedly recommend this program. It's more than just an educational program; it's a career-changing experience that opens doors to new possibilities and professional growth

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