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Why you don't need coding to be a great business analyst

As you may be aware, a career in business analysis is lucrative but also challenging. But isn't that the case with any other profession? The reality is that a business analyst will always do better if they have a bunch of knowledge base to help support their role. So no knowledge is lost.

However, you don't particularly need to be a coder to thrive as a business analyst. Still, a knowledge of it will help you interact better with coders when working on a project that involves coding. There are lots of places to get the right Business Analysis Training and a knowledge of coding to help you push your experience to the next level, and there is no one size fit all.

One thing to remember is that when you apply for a business analysis role, you will be interviewing against other skilled business analysts. What helps you to stand out is your ability to interpreter the interview questions, ask meaningful questions of the interviewer, use the relevant terminologies when answering the question and demonstrate your experience.

Then when you get on the job (assuming you ace your interview) you need to be independent, confident, proactive, challenge the status quo, be logical and be willing to put in the work. The Business Analyst's Playbook is an online course that shows you how to be a better, more proficient business analyst.

Finally, if you lack experience in business analysis, and want to become one, start by learning what to do, then implement the steps on your current job. Also, you can find an opportunity to volunteer so that you can implement the learnings in your volunteering organisation. You may even implement the business analysis process your personal life, by setting up a small personal project to execute. Being able to find the opportunity to practice business analysis will help you cement the skills and give you some relevant project portfolio to talk about during an interview.


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